The Foundation has now and will in future focus on a small number of established partnerships and will make more substantial awards for three yearsto allow long term planning by our partners and the foundation and we hope greater impact.

In 2020 we made multi-year awards to the Quy Vuot Kho Foundation in Viet Nam, the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal, the Birat Nepal Medical Trust, the Swasthya Foundation of Nepal and the Africa Research Excellence Fund. These three-year awards have refocussed our work to provide opportunities and a way into education, research, the arts or sport for young people.

We are particularly committed to opportunities for a diverse and inclusive community and will report every year on issues of diversity, inclusion and culture in all our work and that of our partners. We are delighted to report that over the first ten years the foundation has facilitated over fifty percent of all awards to women, in Asia, Africa and the UK.