2020 Report from Swasthya Foundation of Nepal

January 31, 2021

In 2019 we established the Nepal Swasthya Foundation to support young people in health care research. In 2019, with the support of the Farrar Foundation we were able to make awards to three Fellows:

  • Ms Archana Maharjan for training on R Programming 
  • Ms Anjana Tachamo to allow her to complete her Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • Ms Anisha Prajapati to completing her Medical Degree

The awards were made in November 2019. Due to the pandemic that has occurred this year, much of the planned trainings were delayed. However, all three courses are starting again, and we are sure that they will be able to realize their dreams this year. 

Archana has been working as a data manager at the Clinical Research Unit based at the Patan Hospital in Kathmandu Nepal for the past two years. On a day-to-day basis she manages study data, checks this data to ensure completeness and accuracy and generates study reports. However, she faces some problems at work with the data and therefore has identified that she needs to enhance her knowledge and skills on programming. R programming is now widely used by researchers to manage and analyse data and therefore she has even been trying to self-learn. 

This is where we have identified that she will need to go for a taught course to work efficiently. Archana will enroll in a Data Management for R-Programming Course in a local institution in Kathmandu. The course that she will enrol in contains general introduction into the R ecosystem, basic data transformations, filtering and ordering data, data visualisation and sorting missing values. 

Anjana Tachamo has been awarded the Farrar Foundation award for 2019 to help complete her graduate degree in nursing.  Anjana has thrived in the research environment but after four years has realised that she needs to pursue her formal training as a nurse. In 2018 she started a three-year Bachelor Degree in Nursing. She has already completed her first year with distinction. The funding provided by the Farrar Foundation will help her to complete her second and third years. After completing the first year of the degree, her supervisors have felt that she has very strongly developed her nursing skills of patients care and management. We feel that if she could complete her degree she will be able to enhance her skills and knowledge and will be able to continue more effectively her work thereby enhancing the health of the people by administering better health care and services to them. This year, Anjana course will primarily focus on medical and surgical nursing with components of child health and mental nursing. The course will also include nursing research and statistics as well as English communication and soft skills. 

Anisha Prajapati has been awarded the Farrar Foundation award for 2019 to help complete her graduate degree in nursing. Anisha has been working at the Clinical Research Unit in Kathmandu, Nepal as a Research Nurse for the last three years. Anisha has a diploma in nursing and started working as a Research Nurse as soon as she completed her diploma. Anisha time with the research unit has has strengthened her desire to pursue a career in the nursing. She says nursing for her is not only a career, but it is her passion now. Anisha has enrolled in a three-year graduate nursing course. She has passed her first year with a distinction and is looking for financial support to complete her degree.  Anisha’s course this year will focus on primarily on midwifery and obstetric nursing, community health nursing and she will learn management skills of nursing services and education. 

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